We have a number of great financing options to help turn your interest in solar power into a reality.

  • Direct Purchase

    The most cost-effective option on the market. Enjoy great savings, full system equity, and get the most value from your hard-earned money. With direct ownership of your solar panels, you are entitled to all federal and state incentives.

  • Loans

    We work with local banks to get you the best solar loan terms. With a bank loan, you will qualify for all federal and state incentives and benefit from tax credits and REC payments. Interest rates for HELOC loans are very low so this is an exciting option.

  • Leasing

    Similar to a bank loan, SOLAR INVICTUS partnered with a national bank to offer a competitive alternative to Power Purchase Agreements and Standard Solar leases.

  • Co-op Purchase or Community Solar

    Harness the power of your people. CSA-based farming projects have a unique opportunity to utilize a community interest in renewable energy resources. SOLAR INVICTUS can help you develop a Co-Op based solar project in which all members share the benefits of going Solar.

  • Agricultural Grants

    Our goal is to bring the solar revolution to the agricultural community at a cost that makes sense. We are actively pursuing grant opportunities to help farmers in New England install solar voltaics and develop innovative growing techniques with ground mount systems. We can perform grant underwriting and business plan proposals for submission and review.